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quiet-spirit: D (hardest thing you've been through), L (one of my insecurities), R (favorite song at the moment), S (random fact about yourself), V (last time you cried), X (what would you do if you only had one day left to live?)

D - When my friend committed suicide. After I received the news, I didn’t know how to react or how to feel. I ended up growing anger in my heart though… at her, her classmates, her teacher… just all those people who acted indifferently towards her. Or didn’t notice the signs before. Including me. But I was mostly angry at God. I guess it didn’t help that I never got complete closure either.

L - My arms ._. they. are. so. freaking. flabby. and fat. 

R - Fly High - Rhythm Power

S - I’m addicted to coffee. I physically cannot function without a cup in the morning anymore. lol 

V - It was at church a couple weeks back during worship. The pastor’s wife randomly came over to me, embraced me, and started to pray for me. I didn’t remember submitting a prayer request of anything, but nonetheless she came over and prayed. She didn’t say anything specific to what I was going through at that time, but she still managed to say words that hit me spot on. And idk… by the end I was crying hysterically hahahahaha… it was kind of embarrassing :/

X - I would wake up super early, make myself a cup of coffee, eat breakfast with my family, spend a couple hours at a cafe by myself, then spend the rest of the day meeting people. Just talking with them and helping them if they need any. Then I would go home, tell my parents I love them, go to my room, pray, and then go to sleep. FOREVER D: hahahahaha

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we are the last generation whose baby photos weren’t taken on phones

This is actually really depressing.

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"When someone leaves, it’s because someone else is about to arrive."

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"I enjoy controlled loneliness. I like wandering around the city alone. I’m not afraid of coming back to an empty flat and lying down in an empty bed. I’m afraid of having no one to miss, of having no one to love."

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I have literally reblogged this so many times like

I’m mesmerized

Their reactions tho

This is the best thing ever.

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this has a deeper meaning. the light bulb represents an idea of an individual and the mouse trap represents how quick society is to destroy that idea.

are you fucking retarded no its just a lightbulb falling on a mousetrap shut the fuck up 

Guys idk what the meaning is but if it is what the first person said you’re kind of proving it right. She said her idea and now you’re judging it, just like she said society would. 


I fucking love you third person you are perfect

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you only like me when you’re lonely